Jennifer Rose recently recorded three songs with Producer/Engineer Mikal Blue (Sony) and is working toward funding for recording the remainder of her upcoming CD, “Faith, Love & Rock ‘n Roll”.

The single “What if?” is receiving radio play in connection to recent tragic events in the USA and around the world. Lyrics & melodies for another 20+ songs are nearing completion.

“I wrote ‘What if?’ to inspire peace. I'm heartbroken to hear about the countless acts of violence that take place daily. I am posting my song, "What if?" to promote peace, healing and love. Sending out my love into the world today and always.” – Jennifer Rose

Personal experience make the best lyrics and Jennifer’s lyrics touch on life, death & conquering the unknown, often served with a side of playful attitude. However, underlying the stories are messages of inspiration & empowerment, of living life on your own terms, overcoming whatever or whoever attempts to keep you down. Of believing in miracles & dreams-come-true, but most importantly, being the catalyst that makes them come true. Life IS the journey and the size of the obstacles define how great your achievements. If you can see it, you can achieve it. And the stars in the sky burn very clearly these days.

As always, Jennifer’s lyrics are woven with a well-defined soundtrack in her mind. As a classically trained vocalist, Jennifer likes her songs melodic using a wide dynamic range with soaring melodies and anthemic choruses. For “Faith, Love & Rock ‘n Roll’ the music will be modern rock with occasional flavorings from a variety of other genres ranging from pop to gospel. If you listen closely you may also hear an occasional nod to a few recently discovered influential sounds from the 70’s.

"From a very early age music was everything to me. There was nothing else that I cared so deeply about. It was more than just a way for me to express myself whenever I was happy, sad, lonely, love struck, angry, etc. I never thought about fame, only how amazing it would be to make my whole world about music."
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